The basis of IGEA’s success so far lies in meeting the needs of clients – users of our information systems. The management of IGEA is aware of the importance of quality and information security built into products and services, as well as the process of managing their delivery when it comes to meeting the needs of its clients. The company’s employees represent the most valuable resource at the company’s disposal, and according to the prescribed guidelines for quality, environmental protection and information security, the company ensures the required product quality, information protection and achieves the appropriate motivation of employees. All activities and processes that can have an impact on the quality of products and services must be systematically planned and carried out under controlled conditions.

Factors such as:

  • The growth of IGEA in a changing environment and the progress of information technology,
  • More and more frequent requests from clients to prove quality and compliance with good management practices,
  • Systematic and quick compliance with the set requirements of clients for the construction and maintenance of information systems,
  • The need to maintain an open and positive working atmosphere for the purpose of fostering and exchanging ideas and innovations, led to the need to establish a unified policy of quality, environmental protection and information security, which will be the basis for building relations with:
    • Quality and quality solutions,
    • All aspects of environmental protection,
    • All aspects of information security.

The purpose of this Integrated Management System is to increase the satisfaction of our clients as well as to confirm our ability to offer potential clients safe and quality products and services with maximum data security, protection and prevention of environmental pollution, while complying with all applicable legal obligations.

  • This integrated management policy works on:
  • Clients – understanding clients’ business goals, achieving fair and honest business relationships and offering clients products and services that include the required quality, safety and price, respecting environmental standards.
  • Owners – how to achieve maximum efficiency with a reasonable ratio of invested capital and realized profit, by creating increased value for the company and fulfilling the organization’s business goals.
  • Employees – to whom we want to provide an appropriate working environment and organizational culture that will appreciate and respect their innovation and ideas, knowledge and effort, initiative, solidarity, honesty and loyalty, and participation in the achievement of the company’s goals.
  • The company’s wider community – where IGEA is recognized as a socially responsible company that cares for its employees and the environment and that, by delivering its products and services, contributes to improving the standard of living of the wider community.
  • Suppliers – relationships are based and maintained on mutual trust, especially when harmonizing terms and specifications and requirements related to the environment, quality and information security

By establishing an Integrated Management System, IGEA sets a framework for defining long-term and short-term management goals and undertakes to continuously manage risks that may affect the company’s internal processes, the environment, economic stability, and ethical values ​​that may impair the quality of products and services.

This quality policy is available to all interested parties on the website.

In Varaždin, May 21, 2021.

President of the IGEA Board,
Jarmila Pezo