e-Obrt started - IN2 application to start a craft online24.09.2015.

This application will enable online registration of the craft for the first time in Croatia. This service is available over e-Građani (e-Citizen) system, which current and future craftsmen can use in order to apply for founding a craft or write status changes without going to register bodies.

To open a craft, users have to apply to e-Građani system. Before doing this citizens have to obtain credentials at Financial Agency (FINA) and create personal users drawer. After they log in, they can start with registration process of the new craft.

In order to obtain documents that confirm ownership of the craft, owners won't need to go to registration bodies, since they will be received online.

"We eliminated 200 kunas cost of receiving crafts licence, and craftsmen soon won't have to pay the fee, because all online applications will be free according to the new Law on administrative fees. That means that the opening of a craft will be absolutely free." said Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts Gordan Maras on the presentation of the application.